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The Power of People: Where Climate Change Meets Behaviour Change

Real climate action is driven by research – inspiring and guiding both policy and behaviour change. Scientists are doing valuable work, but we cannot rely on technical solutions alone: changing our behaviour is crucial to combat the climate crisis. This new joint content collection from Nature Climate Change and Nature Human Behaviour highlights the latest research, teaching us about the behaviours that could derail – or accelerate – climate action.

Through greater understanding about what real behaviour change looks like, we can start to bridge the gap between good intentions and impactful action.

COP27: Climate Collaboration

From Glasgow to Sharm El Sheikh, we mark the 27th UN Climate Conference in Egypt. Take a look through the insights in Arabic from For Science journalists on the ground , as well as those from Nature Africa and Nature Middle East. You can also look back on Nature’s COP26 coverage in Glasgow, including a special feature and call to action for researchers fighting climate change in 2022 and beyond.

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Nature Portfolio’s Climate Action Collection

For COP26, we compiled a selection of the most important climate change articles from across the Nature Portfolio so that policymakers, activists and those interested in climate research could get hold of the information they wanted and needed. Although the featured topics were closely aligned to the conference discussions, they remain relevant now in supporting global efforts to accelerate progress. Browse the collection to understand more about the threats, evolving evidence and most promising solutions coming down the tracks.

Engage with research today – inspire the action of tomorrow.

SDG 13: Climate Action Research Hub

The global research community is powering ahead – investigating climate change and climate action from every angle. Access the regularly updated anthology of climate-related research and uncover new-to-you ideas, solutions and commentary now.

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Power of Publication

When we listen to the science, we can change the world. Learn how research into the depletion of the ozone layer led to policy developments, real behaviour change and a positive outcome for people and planet.

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Picturing Climate Action

A picture can paint a thousand words. These covers from across the Nature Portfolio illustrate some of the most powerful scientific findings on the theme of nature of this century and the last, and how they carved a path for change.

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Events and Resources

Scientists globally are constantly exploring the climate crisis from new angles and collaborating to develop ideas and find solutions. View past discussions featuring world-leading researchers.

The Story Behind the Research

Get to know the stories behind key climate research papers with Science Stories: a series of short videos about the creation of the most exciting, ground-breaking new discoveries, and the people and communities responsible for them.

Science for a Sustainable Future

In September 2022, Springer Nature and the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) were pleased to host their third annual Science for a Sustainable Future event at the International Conference on Sustainable Development.

The plenary session, ‘Science Communications for Impact’, featured an expert panel of activists, researchers and journalists – including Laura Helmuth, Scientific American Editor in Chief. The series invited policymakers, government representatives, UN officials and leading global scientists to discuss the important role science plays in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Learning from Crises – from COVID-19 to Climate

What we have learned from the COVID-19 global emergency guides our climate action. Springer Nature and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) brought experts together from different industries and disciplines in a virtual event to discuss how we can create positive impact from disaster.

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Springer Nature is one of the world’s leading publishers of climate action research, publishing more than 48,500 journal articles and book chapters in this area since 2015. Find out more about how we listen to, and act on, the science.

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By joining forces with important partners we can drive greater progress. Springer Nature is a signatory of The Climate Pledge and part of the UN SDG Publishers Compact. We are also part of the Publishers Association’s climate efforts and Kudos’ Climate Change Knowledge Cooperative: a collection of pioneering climate research from the world’s leading publishers.

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