Our values

Springer Nature comprises many internationally dispersed and globally organised teams. In 2020, we introduced Ways of Working for all of our employees. These express the qualities that we believe are necessary to deliver our mission of opening doors to discovery and honour our four values:

  • Partnership

    Trust each other and engage to build strong relationships – inviting and respecting different perspectives, working well together and recognising the contribution of all.

  • Integrity

    Deliver on our promises and priorities and inspire through our actions. Be a role model for others – fair, respectful and true to ourselves.

  • Drive

    Activate change and accelerate our potential. Be agile and adaptable, open to new ideas and embrace opportunities to develop and succeed.

  • Responsibility

    Do the right thing for all our communities and champion diversity, equity and inclusion. Play your part in ensuring we act as a responsible business, driving sustainable progress and recognising the ideas and opinions of all.

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Contributing to our communities

We know that we can have a significant positive impact on the communities we serve. We also recognise the need to invest in education and research in places where it is needed, but may be unaffordable, with the aim of reducing the knowledge gap between higher- and lower-income countries.

We are founder partners of Research4Life, which offers subscription research content to scholars in low- and middle-income countries for free or at low cost, and in 2020, we made a three-year commitment to support the Friends of Research4Life to enable improved content discovery, access and use in these countries.

Sustainable open access (OA) requires its own funding, usually in the form of article processing charge (APC) payments or transformative agreements. These can be difficult to finance in low- and middle-income countries and in some research disciplines, so Springer Nature operates an APC waiver and discount policy. In 2020, our fully OA journals waived fees of over €13.5 million to authors in financial need, including €4.8 million for articles with corresponding authors based in countries or regions on the World Bank’s list of low- and lower-middle-income countries.


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Case study

Nursing festival

Nurses play a vital role in global health, never more so than during a pandemic. Throughout the COVID‑19 crisis, healthcare professionals have faced greater risk and demonstrated extraordinary dedication to saving the lives of their patients.

Bohn Stafleu van Loghum (BSL), part of Springer Nature’s professional division, publishes up-to-date content including learning materials for nurses and other healthcare professionals. In 2020, BSL hosted the first summer Nursing Festival in Landgoed Zonheuvel in Doorn, the Netherlands. This entertaining and informative outdoor event, which followed strict COVID‑19 protocols, was attended by 1,000 nurses who were able to enjoy a day of learning and activities. There were also presentations by Dutch scientists Professor Dr. Erik Scherder and Manu Keirse, and an outdoor panel discussing relevant COVID‑19 information for the profession.

By safely hosting this festival, we were able to give something back to the nursing community who work tirelessly to provide treatment and care.

Sarah Phillips - A workshop taking place outdoors during the Nursing festival in the Netherlands, with COVID‑19 restrictions being observed.

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Continuing education against the odds

In 2020, during the pandemic, teachers, educators and students faced huge challenges and many had to find innovative ways to ensure learning could continue in lockdown. To support learners and teachers alike, Macmillan Education gave teachers free access to digital resources and launched a Distance Teaching and Learning Hub entirely dedicated to supporting teaching from home, and offering online interactive training sessions.

By making tools, training and resources widely available, for free, Macmillan Education supported thousands of learners, enabling them to access quality education wherever they were in the world.

A Balia Foundation teacher prepares for a virtual lesson using a textbook donated by Macmillan Education.

“We started the course [through Macmillan Teacher Campus] in March 2020 and a week later we had to stay at home until lockdown was eased. Macmillan bought laptops for us, they bought routers for us and even loaded monthly data for us in order to be trained online.”

Mamikilebeka Chauke, Principal, Mpepile Early Learning Centre, Rustenberg, South Africa

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Recognition in healthcare

The Springer Medizin Charity Award, founded in 2009, recognises and commends organisations and initiatives that provide free healthcare and medical support to those in need in Germany. The Charity Award is presented as part of the annual Galenus von Pergamon Awards Gala, hosted in Germany by Springer Medizin.

In 2020, this was awarded to three organisations for their voluntary contributions to healthcare and medical assistance. Each received a prize fund, and their work was showcased in various specialist publications, increasing visibility. The winners were announced at a virtual gala, broadcast from the Axica Congress and Convention Centre, Berlin.


Impf Dich – provides science-based education on vaccination in Germany.


Düsseldorf Association Kids – campaign to teach school children how to live a healthy lifestyle.


The Patient Companion Project – enables volunteers to visit elderly patients, with support from the Böblingen District Council.