Our approach

We believe that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are essential to achieving our mission of opening doors to discovery. We recognise that systemic barriers to equality exist and so we want to play our part. By acting purposefully we will achieve meaningful change.

Our DEI strategy has two main streams: an internal focus on our organisation; and another external view into the research, education and professional communities that we are part of.

We know there is more to do. In 2020, we built on our progress by strengthening and further developing our DEI strategy. We’ve taken a holistic approach, by not prioritising any specific identity group, while focusing on certain crucial topics, including anti-racism.

For more information about Springer Nature’s DEI strategy and targets, visit our Springboard blog.

In 2018, we set a target that by 2023, 45% of global leaders in the top three tiers of the organisation should be women, rising from a baseline of 39%. We have made progress year-on-year, ending the year at 43%.

In 2021, as the next stage in our three-year strategy, we plan to develop and announce targets to measure and increase race, ethnicity and international representation in our leadership teams, both globally and locally.

Case study

Responding to the Black Lives Matter movement

In 2020, the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, among others, focused global attention on violence towards Black people in the US and beyond. Springer Nature colleagues, like many others, sought ways to create meaningful and sustainable change to improve representation and racial equality.

Our greatest impact can be through the content that we publish: amplifying under-represented voices and sharing relevant research. We created a portal of free-to-access content related to systemic racism, police brutality and related topics. By the end of 2020, it had been accessed more than 56,000 times.

In June 2020, Springer Nature in agreement with the newly formed Springer Nature Black Employee Network (SN BEN), donated $50,000 to the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Foundation. The Foundation provides scholarships, internships and career opportunities to students attending HBCUs.

Hands being held up together

“As we navigate these unchartered waters, we are more resolved in our focus, as well as more reliant than ever on the support of our corporate partners and donors who provide key resources to help us continue along in line with our mission of sending students to and through college.”

Daniel Moss, HBCU Foundation Chairman and Executive Director

Case study

New employee networks at Springer Nature

At Springer Nature, our employees support each other through strong employee networks. Our networks play an important part in creating a culture in which everyone feels welcome, represented and respected. Network members regularly share their valuable expertise and perspectives, helping to shape real business solutions and drive positive change.

We enable and support our networks in a variety of ways: allocating budgets for network projects and events, developing a formal governance structure, creating guidance resources and providing advice on strategy and approach.

In 2020, we launched three new networks:

  • SN Asians & Pacific Islanders (SN A&PI) connects Asian and Pacific Islander employees in the US, creating an open forum to share cultural experiences.
  • SN Black Employee Network (SN BEN) aims to build a support community for Black employees, improving representation at all levels and creating internal awareness of topics and issues that impact the Black community, in our industry, locations and areas of influence.
  • SN Latinx provides a forum for networking and professional development, including recruitment, for the Latinx community at Springer Nature and in the wider publishing industry.


Our networks and local chapters have grown considerably in two years

Pride, Women, D&N, Parents, BEN, A&API, Latinx
  • 7 employee networks
  • 31 local chapters
  • 1,400+ members

“Through SN Latinx and the events we’ve been involved with, we’ve had opportunities to meet different colleagues who we may not have met otherwise. Collaborating and learning about each other in this environment confirms that the work of inclusion is not just beneficial but necessary. Looking ahead, SN Latinx plans to have a positive impact on recruitment and mentorship at Springer Nature. We are a supportive community of employees, connecting with each other through social events and professional development opportunities.”

Members of SN Latinx

“The SN Black Employee Network is actively working, via its program streams, to cultivate professional relationships, implement outreach initiatives and work with relevant business areas to increase representation. To date, our activities include launching a speaker series with Black professionals in STEM on their career paths and lessons learned, working with editorial on guidelines for content regarding race, and building relationships with Black STEM associations and community groups as a means to building a pipeline of talent. Being a member of SN BEN is a truly valuable experience for building your network and implementing ways to bring about long-term change.”

Members of SN Black Employee Network

Case study

Supporting working parents during COVID‑19

When the COVID‑19 pandemic hit, many of our colleagues were facing the challenge of managing parental and caring responsibilities while working from home. To support parents and carers we introduced temporary flexible working hours, gave additional holiday and created a virtual space where parents could find resources and company guidelines.

Our employee network, SN Parents, launched a buddy matching system which encouraged employees to reach out to each other for advice. The network organisers were also invited to provide feedback on new temporary policies as they were being developed, to ensure that they addressed the most significant concerns of colleagues during this extraordinary period.

An adult working on a laptop with a child beside

“With schools closed and without childcare, it has been a challenging time for parents and carers across Springer Nature. SN Parents were quick to raise our immediate concerns, and we have been delighted with the response from the executive team; with flexibility around the working day, reduced hours and additional holiday entitlement all being quickly communicated. The network has also really enjoyed bringing forward a fantastic ‘Buddy System’, matching parents with children of a similar age to help support each other.”

Member of SN Parents